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Waterproofing -Delta wrap is the process of making an object or structure waterproof or water-resistant. It is used to protect buildings, infrastructure, and other structures from water damage.

Foundations are the important part of building architecture. They support and maintain the distribution of building loads. It is important to protect them from water entry to avoid harm that would have affected the building construction. Water can enter the concrete through gravity or capillarity if the foundation is not protected. Thus, it is important to waterproof the foundation’s outside face rather than its inner face. It is to avoid water from entering the concrete and causing high humidity levels in the building as well as mold growth. However, Protecting the building from water at all times might be difficult without the help of a professional waterproofing services in Canada. But, with us, it is now simple. We are Canada’s #1 company.


Waterproofing is the act of reducing bulk moisture entry to an object or building to protect it from water. The spray provides a safe and quick treatment for different thickness coating. It is done without the use of an open flame or flammable chemicals.

We offer many materials to secure foundations, from damp proofing to waterproofing solutions. Such as: watchdog waterproofing, tuff and dry waterproofing, delta foundation wrap and more.

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Waterproofing Products

WATCHDOG® Quick Cure 90

Quick Cure Waterproofing Membrane

Product Description

WATCHDOG Quick Cure 90 waterproofing membrane seals out intrusive, below-grade water even when rain sleet and snow are in the forecast.

WATCHDOG Quick Cure 90 cures at a rate that is up to 90% faster than our traditional WATCHDOG H3 waterproofing membrane.

Basic Uses

Typical applications for WATCHDOG Quick Cure 90 include foundation and basement walls and most backfilled, unsubmerged residential applications.

WATCHDOG Quick Cure 90 is compatible with cast in place, poured concrete, and shotcrete. WATCHDOG Quick Cure 90 is also approved for use over insulated concrete forms (ICF).

Features & Benefits

  • The unique formulation of the membrane allows is to cure at a rate up to 90% faster than our WATCHDOG H3 formula, allowing for fast-tracked construction schedules and reducing the potential for washout in the face of inclement weather.
  • Can be applied to damp or green concrete allowing application more quickly after the removal of forms or following wet weather.
  • Exceptional ability to hang on the wall and build targeted thickness, spanning below grade foundation wall cracks of up to 1/8 in with a cured thickness of 60 mils.
  • Extreme durability with exceptional elongation and crack-bridging characteristics.

Damp Proofing System & Delta WRAP

The damp-proofing system is simple to install when the house is being built. But these coatings are difficult and costly to install years after the house was built. DELTA® -MS, often known as “The Delta WRAP,” is the best foundation protection material. When it comes to keeping water out of your basement, no other damp-proofing product performs as well. The DELTA WRAP membrane is high-density polyethylene, which is strong and non-toxic. The membrane is insoluble in water and water vapor, as well as acids and other chemicals.

Why Choose Us?

  • Fixes basement leakage issues
  • Affordable and easy to install
  • Provides extra protection against concrete cracks.
  • Efficient And flexible
  • Improves sheet membrane protection and lifespan.
  • Providing high-quality, long-lasting, and efficient products with a warranty

Our expertise as a waterproofing contractor has been honed over years of experience in the industry in Canada. We have dedicated ourselves to building a solid reputation for reliability. Residents throughout Canada depend on our exceptional services for all their waterproofing and damp proofing needs, including the installation of delta wrap systems.

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