Garage Concrete Service

Garage Concrete Service

Garage Concrete Service

Garage Concrete Service in Calgary

Our garage concrete service is your key to transforming a boring garage into a functional and stylish space. We specialize in producing high-quality, long lasting concrete solutions that not only improve the structural integrity of your garage but also enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Garage slabs bear a lot of damage. They carry heavy vehicles, dirt, dust, salty water, fuel, and other pollutants. As very  few garages are heated, also have to withstand freezing and thawing weather. For this reason the garage slab must be carefully prepared, build, and treated. It should be able to provide years of crack-free service in every climate, even in the worst conditions. We do this type of work for you in Canada.

How to Build a Garage


It is important to have a strong and smooth foundation before constructing the garage floor slab. The uneven or sloppy base will cause the slab to deflect and crack. To avoid uneven settlement, proper compaction of the base soil must be provided.

Because the floor slab is totally supported by the base, the strengthening steel used in the floor is limited. Steel in the floor slab is only required to keep the slab in place and avoid cracks. It is not only a great method to beautify your property. But it is also a great way to keep your home clean and safe.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Excellent construction made by Edge Gravel & Concrete ltd. on the ceiling, floors, and walls.
  • Complete satisfaction and guarantee of high-quality work
  • Water seepage problems will be solved with proper sealing to direct the flow of water.
  • Services that are affordable and friendly
  • Efficient and flexible services
  • Offers extra protection against concrete cracks.

Building a garage is a big task. You should be sure that you have all the necessary skills to build a functioning garage for your property. The garage we design in Canada will provide both protection and long-term performance.

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