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    With 20 years of experience, Edge Gravel & Concrete Ltd epitomizes quality and weeping tiles specialist in construction. Their expertise and commitment to superior craftsmanship set them apart as industry leaders.

    Edge Gravel & Concrete Ltd boasts a professional team with two decades of experience. Our skilled team and craftmanship ensure a high-quality work every time. We strives to provide the best results possible.

    Edge Gravel & Concrete Ltd stands out through its innovative equipment,  Their cutting-edge machinery not only enhances efficiency but also ensures top-notch quality and safety standards. We have excellent cement quality producing equipment that ensure a high-quality and long-lasting finishing.

    During our industrial and commercial projects, we use innovative, environmentally friendly materials that provide the best quality while also being long-lasting.

    Client satisfaction is a top priority for us. We value clear communication with our clients throughout the entire project, ensuring that your vision is understood and executed.


    Work was shut down on one of our infill sites because neighbour’s lot was caving in. Edge Gravel and Concrete provided same day shotcrete services and we were able to resume construction on the third day.

    I am really satisfied with services provided by Edge Gravel & Concrete Ltd, they were very fast and completed my project on time.

    They were very patient throughout the whole process and accommodated all my request. I couldn’t be happier with end result.

    Edge Gravel has worked on a number of our residential projects and they are our go to contractor for all concrete work. Their quality of work is unmatched and prices are competitive.

    I would love to give 100/100, I am really delighted by their services.

    There was a time when I was really confused when looking for concrete contractors and now after I gave my building project to Edge Gravel & Concrete, I never ever think of any other name for my future contracts and I recommend them to all.

    They listened and made sure all my requirements were met, and I had a long list!

    My house building was made a decade ago but still it is intact, as I trusted only one name and that was recommended by one of my friend Andrew.

    Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder but if the beauty does not exist, you cannot find it at all. If you are looking for a beautiful and attractive patios and driveways, then go to Edge Gravel only.

    Looking for a quality gravel & concrete work for your next project?

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