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Watchdog Waterproofing Calgary proudly offers the WATCHDOG® Classic, a versatile waterproofing solution that incorporates polymer enhancements, ensuring a reliable and impervious protective barrier. Specifically designed for application via spraying onto surfaces like poured concrete and parged block walls, the WATCHDOG Classic excels at spanning contraction fissures, effectively preventing the infiltration of water. Its notable elasticity, even in colder temperatures, plays a crucial role in providing unwavering waterproofing security throughout the entire year.

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To elaborate further, the polymer enhancements in the WATCHDOG Classic refer to the incorporation of specialized polymers that enhance the membrane’s properties, such as flexibility and resistance to water penetration. This results in a waterproofing membrane that can adapt to various conditions while maintaining its integrity.

When applied through spraying onto surfaces like poured concrete and parged block walls, the WATCHDOG Classic is able to form a seamless and continuous layer. This layer bridges any small cracks that may develop due to the natural shrinking and settling of the substrate, preventing water from seeping through these cracks and causing leaks or water damage.

The term “contraction fissures” refers to the small cracks that can develop as a result of the contraction of building materials due to temperature changes, drying, or settling. These cracks can become pathways for water to infiltrate the structure if not properly addressed. The WATCHDOG Classic’s ability to span these contraction fissures means that it can effectively seal and waterproof the surface, even in areas prone to cracking.

Furthermore, the membrane’s elasticity, especially in colder temperatures, is a significant feature. It ensures that the membrane retains its flexibility and integrity even when subjected to low temperatures. This elasticity prevents the membrane from becoming brittle and cracking, which could compromise its waterproofing capabilities. As a result, the WATCHDOG Classic provides consistent and dependable waterproofing protection year-round, regardless of weather conditions.

In essence, the WATCHDOG Classic, proudly offered by Watchdog Waterproofing Calgary, is a highly effective waterproofing solution that combines polymer enhancements, spray application versatility, crack-bridging capabilities, and temperature-resistant elasticity. This combination ensures reliable and durable protection against water infiltration and its associated issues.

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